Sunday, June 15, 2008

So I had an event yesturday...

Before I start, I'm sorry for not updating. With school and work my involvement with capoeira has been diminishing, it's quite obvious in my game. But with that I continue.

So I had an event yesterday in Arlignton, Virgina and I realized why I love capoeira - Capoeira is everything. Capoeira is the joke yet the serious conversation. It is the inner child yet the grown adult. The friend or foe. In a roda, as a beginner, it is the foe. I remember going to my first couple events watching people play and saying "Wow, I'm not that good, I can't possibly keep up." Eventually it wasn't until earlier this year when I finally got over it at a UMBC event. I over came my foe, and made it my friend. Now made the roda my friend, I have in turn made friends myself, and I found that out last night. I realized that Graduado Selo, Jay, Maria, Caju, Justin, and a bunch of others are my capoeirista friends - the people I'll be looking forward to meeting. Before yesturday, I knew I had my UMBC buddies, but I've been with them for a while and that was because of the group. I didn't really know anyone outside very well.

G. Selo, Jay, Caju are those people that everyone knows but last night I really hung out with them and felt like I was more than a fellow capoeirista. I know now it's turning into a more personal post but capoeria is a personal thing in the end. Capoeira is the axe of life. It ties into life better than anything will ever teach.

How's that for not posting for a while?

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Brian said...

Maybe you'd have friends if you actually trained